how it works

Ballooni is a funny game to learn german and spanish words. The APP asks a quesiton while balloons rise. At least one balloon has the correct answer attached. Click it to get points!
The App automatically adjusts to your level. If your are insecure with a word it'll continue asking it until you have learned it by heart.
The App has more than 1500 spanisch-german words built in. From beginners to expert level. Furthermore you can use your own words with the easy to use import function for EXCEL sheets. The free version is fully functionaly with all features, but comes with a time limit.

How to use your own words from an EXCEL

Use the APP-ID to register. You find the APP-ID on the main screen of the App.

click (1) to select the file and (2) to actially upload the file. (please use Excel version 97-2003).

How much is it?

0,89€. No strings attached. One payment - no ads - no limitations. Honestly. For iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6plus and iPad running iOS8

Coming to Appstore in January 2015